Non-Exposed Viewers Reached (vs. potential)​


Impressions Delivered (Individuals viewed at least 3 times)​

Decathlon aimed to increase the coverage of their TV campaign by targeting non-exposed viewers and excluding exposed viewers in order to control ad frequency and maximize audience engagement with their video campaign.

The sports retailer chose TVTY’s TV Audience Targeting technology, which uses household TV viewership data from an Internet provider’s boxes & TVTY’s proprietary real-time TV ad detection technology, to activate their online video campaigns to reach non-exposed TV audiences. The strategy of Reach Extension extends campaign reach to non-exposed TV viewers, excluding exposed households, while simultaneously controlling ad frequency and campaign recognition in digitally targeting less exposed TV viewers.

In a competitive sports retail sector, TV Audience Targeting enabled Decathlon to control ad frequency, increasing their reach by serving more ads to non-exposed TV viewers.

“The ability to reach the maximum number of athletes and potential customers with TVTY’s TV Audience Targeting technology fully stays on this path. At the same time, we must clear the way and innovate to wholeheartedly play our role as leader.” 

– Aurélien Deschodt, Digital Communications Leader, Decathlon


Non-Exposed Viewers Reached (vs. potential)


Impressions Delivered (Individuals viewed at least 3 times)

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