Decrease in Cost Per Action

OSN aimed to optimize their online sales, whilst keeping a low Click Per Action, with TVTY’s unique TV+Display capabilities. Specifically, OSN wanted to amplify their display campaign during moments when their audience would be most interested to strengthen their marketing message.
TVTY proposed a unique solution that monitored OSN’s TV commercials and launched their online display campaign, which appealing to the target demographic watching each channel and engaging them with creative online touch points during key TV moments.
Thanks to TVTY’s campaign, OSN customized their marketing by country and by language, which led to a substantial decrease in Click Per Action rate by 57%. “TVTY’s Moment Marketing technology helped OSN seamlessly trigger programmatic campaigns during important TV moments. We were able to deliver the contextualized online ads to the most relevant audience instantly as soon as OSN’s TV commercial aired. The results were above and beyond expectations, fulfilling OSN’s campaign objectives. We’ll be planning and executing further campaigns using TVTY, The Moment Marketing Company.” – Head of Digital Marketing, OSN


Decrease in Click Per Action

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