Castorama & TVTY:

Honing Online Presence in Home Improvement


October 31, 2018

Context: Home Improvement in the Digital Era

Castorama is a brand of the Kingfisher Group and the key actor in France’s home improvement sector. The brand has a strong network of 102 locations throughout France and serves 52 million clients per year. Partnering with the Keyade and KR Wavemaker (GroupM) agencies, the brand is present on TV as well as digital media (notably Search).

In terms of advertising, advertisers often look for synergies amongst their various forms of traffic acquisition. Between Search and TV, the connection is easy to understand: in the digital era, a TV viewer exposed to a captivating advertisement is more likely to have the reflex to browse the internet to search for more information on his or her smartphone.

The Technology: TV & Search Synergies

Keyade and KR Wavemaker suggest to use TVTY, a solution that allows the brand’s online search campaigns to activate while TV ads broadcast in real-time at spot level. During these exact time lapses, TVTY allows brands to boost Search bids to maximize the advertiser’s share of voice as well as capturing peak search periods generated by certain TV ads.

For Castorama, there are two types of TV+Search campaigns successively set up with TVTY:

Utilizing TVTY’s technology, the campaigns are duplicated to measure the impact of this unique solution.

Results: Triple Impact

The analysis of three specific indicators are particularly interesting to better understand the technology: visibility, sales and level of in-store visits (store visits data from Google).

In conclusion, synchronizing TV+Search not only justified investing in launching search campaigns during key TV moments, but also, consequently, increased the impact of their TV campaigns. On the other hand, the use of TVTY’s technology to monitor and activate after competitors’ TV spots protected their online presence for certain product categories and ensured their strategic online presence even when Castorama ads were not airing on TV.

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