TVTY + Reprise Media:

Stock Index Fluctuations Trigger Search Marketing


September 28, 2017

TVTY is proud to announce a partnership with Reprise Media to launch a Moment Marketing campaign triggered by real-time fluctuations in the stock market for an American diversified financial services company. TVTY’s Moment Marketing, which lets brands instantly launch digital campaigns based on offline events, is undergoing explosive growth. In 2016 alone, more than 80% of digital marketers deployed moment marketing campaigns according to our previous research . Triggers change in weather, TV advertising or could even be as granular as real-time flight information.

Using our Finance Trigger, whenever the stock markets experience high volatility, TVTY will automatically launch a digital advertising campaign. It’s during these moments of instability that people search for products and services to protect themselves from any negative financial events or look to benefit from positive ones.


The campaign, which launched this month, serves ads on Google and Bing when the stock market falls or rises to capitalize on market volatility.


Eliott Reilhac, CEO, TVTY, said: “By implementing a campaign that reacts instantly to any financially turbulent moments, the brand will ensure it captures the interest of their desired end user searching for financial information. We’re excited to work with more brands as they realise the advantages of Moment Marketing to create efficient, real-time contextualized ads.”


Lars Feely, Head of Strategy, Reprise Media, added: “Partnering with TVTY was the natural choice for this campaign. We were impressed by its capability to monitor changes to the stock market and knew this would give our client a distinct competitive advantage. Their speed to market is a crucial piece to our success, they operate in real time, when the need occurs.”


TVTY provided the technology powering the campaign, through our award-winning Moment Marketing Platform, which will track the [S&P 100] and digitally serve search ads within 200 milliseconds.