TVTY Launches Real-Time
Online Video Campaigns Syncing With TV Ads


June 13, 2017

TVTY extends today its moment marketing offering, by launching the first-ever dedicated moment marketing trading desk using its Moment Marketing expertise, its patented TV-detection technology, and an automatic proprietary bidder with AppNexus’ DSP. The Moment Marketing trading desk will allow brands to add a “moment” dimension to their video campaign optimization, and consequently, to adjust the launch of their digital campaigns based on specific moments (be it the airing of a TV ad, changes in weather conditions, social trends and more).

The first packaged offer for brands and agencies, TVTY’s TV+Video, enables brands to automatically optimize the launch of their digital video campaigns on second screens depending on the TV context (airing of the brand’s TV spot, a competitor’s spot, TV programs related to the brand or its target audience).

TVTY will offer its TV + Video service on a Cost-Per-View (CPV) pricing model, with only 100% completed videos being charged. The video ads are offered with a guaranteed minimum viewability rate of 70%. To ensure the media buying on this campaigns, TVTY will utilise its network of established partners to provide customers maximum exposure (above 87% of customers) in premium, ‘brand safe’ environments.

It’s increasingly important for brands to boost the reach of their TV advertising. According to the IAB, over a third of people (35%) turn to another device when TV ads start(1). The TVTY feature means advertisers’ messages are far more likely to be seen, enabling brands to maximise the impact of their TV advertising across multiple channels. Brands can extend their reach online, increasing the impact of their online video advertising and maximising brand recognition through repetition.

This new offering also aims to unify the implementation of moment-centered advertising strategies in a single platform. TVTY becomes the unique platform to recommend, operate, optimize and analyze a moment marketing approach.

TVTY’s in-house experts are responsible for the media buying on these campaigns. This end-to-end management of the campaigns ensures their full optimization and enables TVTY to dynamically adapt bids in real-time, depending on the characteristics and intensity of each moment.

Eliott Reilhac, TVTY CEO, said: “TV shows attract specific audiences brands want to target, but increasingly people reach for other devices during breaks or whilst watching programs. We’re helping brands ensure they can reach their audience at the right moments, no matter which screen they’re using. Online video is one of the most powerful and emotive forms of advertising and can now be served at the exact moment that matters to help brands create lasting connections with consumers.
The effect of TV on search campaigns is huge and savvy marketers will take advantage this strategy. Those that target the moments when their competitors are advertising can capitalize on this heightened interest to increase their own brand awareness.”

(1) IAB, 2016 Source