World Premiere:

Philips, Ecselis & TVTY In First TV+Amazon Campaign


May 22, 2018

TVTY and Ecselis are proud to announce that Philips is now the first brand to have taken on an advertising strategy promoting real-time products on Amazon synced with TV ads.

Philips will sync its sponsored products on Amazon with a unique approach of syncing TV spots in order to retain consumers’ attention who are watching TV and using other devices at the same time. With eight product categories concerned and large events like Mother’s and Father’s day, Philips will have greater TV ad campaign performance and benefit from its competitors’ TV spots, all the while driving interest.

Previously in 2014, Ecselis and TVTY launched their first TV/SEA activated campaign on Google.

Now in 2018, our new TV+Amazon offer, in addition to TV+Search, allows us to reach the largest online consumer community according to advertising standards:

• Over 24 million visits per month on the Amazon France website in 2017 (source: Fevad-Mediamétrie)

• 56% of online users in France, Germany and Great Britain are now using Amazon as a first go-to reference for their shopping research and it’s not about to end.

• Agencies have more and more resources when it comes to advertising on Amazon. (source: ClickZ)

Zina Raveloson, Search Marketing Manager at Philips: “Our goal with this new integration serves two purposes: analyze the real-time impact of online sales pushed by TV spots and optimize our advertising efforts by increasing our visibility on Amazon during peak search moments following either our TV broadcasted spots or our competitors’ spots, in a highly competitive context.”

Mathilde Vanaldervelt, Paid Search Director of Ecselis France: “The TV aspect coupled with online consumption through search engines have shown to be real for a long time. Having the opportunity to unlock Amazon campaign sync was the next step. We expect these TV aspects to double or triple the performance of digital campaigns. Ecselis is pleased to make Philips the first worldwide tester of this new strategy.”

Eliott Reilhac, CEO of TVTY: “In our ambition to cover all media channels synced with TV, having the opportunity to work with a large channel, such as Amazon Sponsored Product, is definitely a turnkey solution for individual retailers. We are very proud and excited to partner with Philips and Ecselis in the execution of this ambitous, innovative and large-scale campaign.”