Whitepaper: TV + Amazon

We’ve all been in the same shoes at one point or another: on the hunt for that perfect gift. Knowing where to turn first, you look on Amazon to help simplify the search process. However, you don’t want to have to browse through page after page of products. That’s when you see a sponsored product at the top of the search results and immediately recognize the brand. You’ve seen it advertised on TV, so you click on it and the rest is history. You’re very pleased with how easy it was to find what you were looking for as well as all the time it saved you. Is it a coincidence? No, it’s a strategic choice on the advertiser’s behalf.
Bloomreach found that 55% of people skip Google altogether and start their online shopping searches directly on Amazon. Harnessing the power of Amazon, brands now have the ability to combine different channels to form a cross media strategy. This allows brands to remain at the top of the search results, increase awareness around a brand or product, and maximize budget efficiencies. Consumers shop in real-time, therefore brands need to advertise in real-time.
In our white paper, you will learn how to reach a larger audience, evaluate your current strategy, identify when a change is needed, and how to take the right steps to shift and enhance your media strategy.
What is involved in a cross media strategy?
A cross media strategy is comprised of two different media that couple to form an omnichannel approach. TVTY monitors your brand’s or competitors’ TV ads in real-time and automatically triggers your Amazon campaigns. The new frontier of advertising, the benefits of this strategy range from increased budget efficiencies and brand awareness to higher ROI and lower CPA.
Why use this approach?
In today’s fast-paced digital world, brands need to continue to innovate their brand to ensure that their products are on top of the consumer’s mind when the need arises. It is important to reevaluate current advertising strategies, reshape future strategies and elevate your strategy through a different lens to increase ROI and more.This omnichannel strategy has been tried and tested by numerous clients, including Philips’ award winning campaign that saw +40% lift in CTR, +25% lift in ROAS, and -21% fall in CPC thanks to optimizations and our TVTY Moment Marketing Platform.
Therefore, brands can determine how often, on average, that they create touchpoints with their audience. TV and digital ad exposure become more deliberate, and makes messaging more meaningful through a limited number of touchpoints with the brand’s target audience. One of TVTY’s most recent clients was the sports retailer brand Decathlon, who able to reach more potential customers with their video ad campaign promoting sports as an option for everyone.
What are some best practices for TV+Amazon? When implementing an omnichannel strategy with TV and Amazon, there are certain steps to consider, which include looking closely at your brand’s needs, current strategy, and objectives.